Digital Eyestrain: How to Protect Your Eyes From Screens

Computer vision syndrome is a primary concern for most people who spend most of their time using digital screens. It is also referred to as digital eyestrain. Using devices like laptops or smartphones has become inevitable over the years. 


Unfortunately, spending long periods in front of these screens can cause various problems. You can experience dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. Read on to learn the ways you can protect your eyes from such screens.


Know What Causes Digital Strain


The beginning of solving a problem is usually understanding it first. Digital eyestrain arises from using digital screens for long periods. These screens emit blue light, which can cause difficulty focusing due to glare. You can also experience strain when you stare at a digital screen far from where you are. You may experience different symptoms, such as blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches.


Take Regular Breaks From Your Digital Screen


It is possible to reduce your digital strain symptoms. The first way of doing it is by learning the various methods that help alleviate such symptoms. You can begin by taking 20-second breaks after using your digital device for 20 minutes. Doing so will rest your eyes and help you refocus.


Improve Your Posture


Ensure you always sit upright in front of a screen. Doing so will help you avoid straining your neck and eyes. Ensure that the digital screen you are using is at a distance that is comfortable enough for your eyes. 


Lubricate Your Eyes Using Eyedrops


Most people who experience digital eyestrain tend to suffer from dry eyes. Fortunately, you can combat this symptom by using eye drops. Dry eyes often occur when the eyes produce inadequate tears. 


You can also experience it when your tears evaporate too quickly. The lack of moisture on your eye surface then causes uncomfortable symptoms. Thus, constantly using eye drops helps lubricate your eye surface.


Adjust the Digital Screen Setting


Using digital screens is often unavoidable. Most jobs are now computer reliant. Fortunately, you can protect your eyes by adjusting your screen settings. 


Screen settings can include text size, contrast, and brightness. It is also possible to reduce how much blue light comes from your screen using the blue light filter.


Wear Blue Light Filter Glasses


Eyeglasses with blue light filters are a popular way to reduce digital eyestrain. They can reduce the amount of blue light entering your eyes. Doing so aids in reducing digital eyestrain symptoms. They also help improve your eye health.


Visit Your Eye Doctor Frequently


A regular visit to your eye doctor is essential. It helps keep your eye health in check. Your specialist will examine your eyes and identify any problems you may have. They can identify signs of underlying issues that may cause your digital eyestrain.


Your eye doctor will ensure they treat the cause of your eye problems. They will advise you and give tips to protect your eyes when using digital screens to help them remain healthy.


For more about digital eyestrain, visit the Primary Eye Care office in Tupelo, Mississippi. Call (662) 200-9842 to book an appointment today.

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