Protect Your Eyes at Work: Top Tips

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine recognizes eye care during work hours as vital to your health. Whether your workplace is indoors or outdoors, eye health is essential to completing daily tasks. Many variables may damage your eyes at work. But it’s your responsibility to protect your eyes. To do this, here is what you should know.


Let in Natural Light

Natural light should be a part of your work environment. If you can, draw open your office curtains or blinds if you work the day shift. Fluorescent light can harm your eyes. Natural light can relax your eyes and remove the glare on your computer monitor. Changing the fluorescent lighting to dull light sources can even prevent tiredness in your eyes and sleepiness during work hours.


Protect Your Eyes

A mining, construction, or agricultural workplace can cause debris, dust, and particles to enter and hurt your eyes. Even if you work in a laboratory, chemicals could splash into your eyes. Wearing protective eyewear can prevent these harmful substances from deteriorating your eyes and vision. The shield they provide can even prevent viruses from infecting your eyes and the rest of your body.


Reposition Your Monitor

Although computers make your company more efficient, working in front of them can cause eye and vision problems. Those with desk jobs stare at computer monitors for hours. That is why eye protection is vital even in the office setup. You can protect your eyes by just changing the position of your monitor.

Adjusting your monitor’s angle can make your viewing more comfortable. Place your monitor at an arm’s length. You also must make sure that your eye line lands about two or three inches below your monitor’s top part. This is possible by adjusting either your chair or your monitor. Try to tilt your monitor upward to remove the glare. As you know, glare is irritating and harmful, as well.


Rest Your Eyes

Even if you are swamped with work, you should find time to rest your eyes. Every 10 or 20 minutes, look at something that is 10 or 20 feet away for half a minute. After this quick break, your eyes will feel better. Using your computer is close work. Long hours of close work usually lead to the development of nearsightedness.


Keep Your Routine Eye Checkups

Seeing your eye doctor regularly can help spot any brewing eye condition. Through early detection, you can get early treatment for any eye disorder. Your eye specialist can prescribe medications, corrective eyewear, or both. If you work with your eye doctor to care for your eyes, you won’t compromise optic health while working.


At Primary Eye Care, we work with our patients and help them achieve optimal eye health despite their working conditions. For an in-person consultation, you can visit our clinic in Tupelo, Mississippi. Please call us at (662) 200-9842 if you want to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our occupational eye care packages.

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