Why Regular Eye Exams Are Important for Eye Health

Eye exams for adults and children are an essential part of keeping up with your regular health checks. By having your eyes examined regularly, you can keep tabs on any issues your eyes may have that can affect your vision.


Vision Screenings Are Not Eye Exams


Various organizations may offer vision screenings, but screenings are not the same as eye exams. Screening is to check and see if you may have vision problems. Students often go through screenings at school or their pediatrician’s office.

An eye exam is different as it is only performed by an eye doctor. Your doctor has the knowledge and equipment to do a complete evaluation of your eye’s health. An eye doctor may see signs of disease and give you a prescription for corrective lenses if needed.


Get an Early Start on Vision Health


More people have issues with eyesight as they get older, but children need to have exams done, too. Children should have eye checkups done annually after five years old to detect vision issues. Having a vision problem detected early can be the difference between difficulty and success in school.

People with diabetes also need regular eye checks, and people over 40 should get a glaucoma test every couple of years. If you are high-risk, you may need examinations more often.


Eye Health Issues Detected Early


Various diseases like glaucoma or cataracts can be detected early with regular eye exams. Your eye doctor will also check for issues like diabetic retinopathy to catch it early and prevent or at least slow disease progression.

A complete comprehensive eye exam includes looking for any signs of these issues. Additionally, if you experience other eye issues like dryness, pain, or swelling, your eye doctor will be the one to help you treat the problem.

Not getting your eyes checked regularly can result in not catching any other health issues. If left untreated for too long, you can have vision loss and possibly even go blind.


Eye Checks as You Get Older


Eyes get weaker with age, and there are specific issues that you may not be able to avoid as you get older. Some problems, like presbyopia, are more of an annoyance or inconvenience. Other issues like macular degeneration can result in vision loss.

As you get older, you are likely to see changes. Any changes that occur should be relayed to your eye doctor so the doctor can look for additional problems. Always share your medical history with your doctor so tests can be done as necessary to catch any issues that might arise.


Regular Eye Exams Impact Your Life


Permanent vision loss is not something most people want to experience, but it could be in your future if you neglect your eyes and health. Early treatment is crucial to keep that from happening. Regular care can significantly impact your life if you catch issues before resulting in long-term and permanent damage.

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