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How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes and Vision

If you have diabetes, it is ideal to have your eyes checked annually to let your eye doctor examine the structures of your eyes through a dilation test. Doing so will help detect any eye damage or disease.

Treating Dry Eye With LipiFlow®: Here's What to Expect

Have you heard about LipiFlow® treatment for dry eyes?

The Difference Between Spring Allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome

Can you tell the difference between spring allergies and dry eye syndrome? These two conditions have very similar symptoms, making it difficult to make the call. Besides, spring is just around the corner, which means your allergy symptoms may pop up if you experience seasonal allergies. It is also likely that you could be experiencing signs of dry eye syndrome.

When to Be Tested for Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an eye disease that results in blurring of the central vision. The blurring occurs due to damage to the macula—the small section at the back of an individual’s eye. The macula helps see fine details on objects the eyes focus on. Macular degeneration makes it difficult to perform tasks that need sharp central vision.

What to Expect During a Glaucoma Exam

Glaucoma is an umbrella term referring to a group of eye conditions with a specific pattern. Essentially, this group of diseases damages the optic nerve, the bundle of nerve fibers that carry information from the eye to the brain. Left undetected and untreated, this condition can lead to vision loss and blindness.

Tips for Picking Eyeglasses as a Gift

When you want to give a gift to someone you care about, you want it to be thoughtful as well as practical. Does your friend wear eyeglasses? Eyeglasses would not only make a unique gift, but they can also make a huge impact. The problem is, how do you find the right pair?

7 Tips for Fall Eye Care

Fall is a season that is perfect for outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it is also a time when allergies and dry eye symptoms are at an all-time high. Between the weather changes and all the foliage, it can be difficult to avoid exacerbating eye issues.

Symptoms and Solutions for Fall Eye Allergies

Millions of Americans’ allergies are seasonal. Allergy complaints usually arise in the fall season. During fall, spores, pollens, and other plant particles cause eye allergies. An allergic response is triggered when allergen substances reach your body, leading to a release of histamine and other chemicals that cause symptoms such as burning and itching. 

Visual Learning in School: Why It's Essential

Learning with visual aids, such as videos and animations, is known as visual learning. Learning materials are made more effective by using interactive effects. Thus, visual learning promotes student interest and enjoyment for a longer period. In case you are curious to know how visual learning can benefit you, here are many ways it has transformed education:

Can Vision Loss From Macular Degeneration Be Recovered?

People living with macular degeneration can lose some or all of their central vision. This eye condition rarely affects peripheral vision. It can worsen over time. This is why it is one of the leading causes of permanent or severe loss of vision in people over 60 years of age. But if you are living with macular degeneration, you need to understand that people rarely experience a total loss of vision from it.

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